Saturday, July 26, 2008

Summer Daze...

Summer is more than half way over and before you know it the children will be back in school and fall will be sneaking in. The girls and I have had a lot of summer fun with trips to the beach, swims in the pool, picnics, BBQs, and lots of family gatherings. I was thinking about summers when I was a child and all of the great memories I have of those days gone by. If I were to list 10 things that signify summer to me whenI was growing up in Miami they would be...

1. Driving over the bridge to Crandon Park.
2. The smell of Sea & Ski and Coppertone Lotion.
3. Spending weekends at The Becker's house in the Keyes.
4. Going out in the boat.
5. Fishing off the boat and crying whenever I caught one until my dad unhooked it and threw it back in the water.
6. Debbie and I riding our bikes to Matheson Hammock Beach.
7. Playing in the sprinklers.
8. Pool hopping from Kristin's to Valerie's to our pool all summer, in a pack of kids and we all lived in our swimsuits.
9. Riding our bikes to see the fun shows at Suniland Movie theaters on Wednesdays.We had to get a coupon out of the newspaper each week for the shows and all the kids went. You got popcorn and little toys. I remember the rubber bats on strings! LOL
10. Hanging out at my dad's office with my mom while she worked! Going down the street to get cafe con leches and pastelitos for she and I.

Summer is the best! We are going to finish ours up by travelling to Charleston to see Patty Poo and then to Asheville to see Grandma Mavis, Mike & Linda!! The girls can't wait to catch fireflies in their yard and play "roll down the hill and piggy back" with Uncle Mike!

TAG SUSAN R & CHERI H.... 10 things that remind you of summer!!