Saturday, October 18, 2008

Seven weird and random things about myself...

1. I hate the word caterpillar....yuk, eeewwww, OMG, I had to type it!!! And the funny thing is, I'm not scared of them, they just give me the shivers to look at or when I hear the word

"cater------". Eeeeeewwwww, I've got head to toe shivers now!

2. I love to sleep in really nice hotels!

3. I can't fall asleep in patterned sheets! They have to be solids or small enough patterns to look like solids.

4. I am addicted to politics on TV and I love elephants! LOL

5. I have a little spot on my foot that has itched for years... for no reason!

6. I actually like the smell of the paper mills here in is not a nice smell but it reminds me of family vacations we used to take when we were little with my parents. When we would drive past Brunswick my dad would always put the windows down and my brothers and I would die from the smell!! My mom and dad would crack up! I still think of them whenever I smell the paper mills.

7. I love to watch The Waltons!!!