Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kate's First Reconciliation

Kate is in second grade in Catholic School and she and her classmates had their first reconciliation. Kate sat next to her best friend Isabelle during the short program. It was so beautiful! Then it was time for Kate and Isabelle to sit and wait their turn for their first confession with the priest. They were both nervous. They had been preparing all year in school on memorizing what they were going to say to the priest. They were excited and happy, too! All of a sudden it was Kate's turn to sit with Father Dallas, who was very sweet with Kate. He helped her feel at ease... he asked her questions... (some of which she gave answers that will require me to go to confession next! LOL)... and he gave her a penance and a blessing. It was all very beautiful and meaningful. She got up from her seat and went directly to the altar and kneeled just as she was instructed to do, and said her penance...which was to recite the Our Father and to ask Jesus to help her be more like his mother. Then, she turned around and immediatley looked for me. She was so proud of herself...she had a big smile and was very happy. She went to find her teacher to get her certificate and then she got a hug from her teacher. When she finally returned to me in the pew, she got a big hug and congratulations. She began to watch her best friend, Isabelle, as she sat with Father Dallas and said her first confession. She did an equally lovely job and Kate was proud of Isabelle. Then, Kate leaned over to me and said, "Hey Mama...now I am as fresh as a flower"! And I said, "Yes you are my love!" It was a great evening! As for Kate accidentally ratting me out, I have to do a better job saying grace before dinner, doing prayers at night, and not missing Mass on Sundays! Father Ross, here I come for my confession!! I need to be as fresh as a flower, too! Claire has about two more years to be a stinkweed if she so desires! LOL

May Christ and His Saints stand between you and harm.
Mary and her Son.
Patrick with his staff.
Martin with his mantle.
Brigid with her veil.
Michael with his shield.
And God over all with His strong right hand.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Oscars!

Karla, just being Karla, was lucky enough to be invited to go to the Oscars with her good friend from LA who just happened to have an extra ticket! LOL Can you imagine that?? So, I told her that she must send me a photo of any star she happens to come across and in true "Karla fashion", this morning, I received an email entitled, "Brad.jpg"! LOL Sure enough, I opened it and there were Brad and Angie holding hands, walking along the red carpet in what appeared to be very close range to Karla! If any of you in my blog world have had the pleasure of meeting Karla you would know that this is par for the course in her world! LOL Things just happen around Karla. So, I cannot wait until tomorrow when she comes back to Savannah for a little dose of reality/husband & kids, so we can plan a day to sit down over a nice cup of Jasmine tea and discuss all the juicy gossip of her adventures at The Academy Awards! You go girl!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Making Valentines

On Sunday afternoon, we cleared off the kitchen table and got out the paper, the scissors, the watercolors, the glitter, and the jewels and the girls began to make Valentine's for their classmates. It was lots of fun and the Valentines are precious! Their friends are going to get quite a nice little gift in the form of an old-fashioned, handmade Valentine!

FCC-Savannah Chinese New Year Party

I think the highlight of the party for me was when Dr. Jean dressed up as a carrot to play a part in an old story popular in countries all over the world, including China. The carrot was so big the farmer could not pull it out of the ground! As always, Dr. Jean was great and gave us all a good laugh! Our Chinese class, taught by Mrs. Lin, also did a wonderful job reciting their parts!

Tiana's Valentine Birthday Party

Last Friday, we were invited to Tiana's 7th birthday party! Her mommy did a fantastic job making everything beautifully pink! All of the girls had a wonderful time, as always!

Kate the Artist

When the girls were showing me around their school for Grandparent's Day, they lead me in through back door of the room where the Art Show was on display. Kate's class painted Panda Bears and they were beautiful! But I could not find Kate's panda on the wall with her class. We looked all over and I was disappointed that hers was not there! So we went on to her classroom on the other side of the hall where the front door to the Art Show was and lo and behold there was the most beautiful panda all framed and matted on an art easel by the front door to lure people inside! Kate immediately exclaimed, as if it were nothing, "Mama, here is my panda painting! I wonder why my art teacher put mine in a frame?" Well, that is an easy answer...hers was gorgeous!

Grandparent's Day

The school had a beautiful day planned for the Grandparents and since we don't have any grandparents in town, I played Grandma and Grandpa for the babies! LOL Kate sand in the choir at Mass and then we had a tour of the school guided by our own children. It was so much fun!

Playing in the Square

After Kai's birthday party we took the girls to run off some of their energy in the square across the street!

They had so much fun running wild in their pretty dresses!

Quinn-12 Weeks

Quinn is now 12 weeks old! A whole 3 months! With this he graduated from Puppy Preschool and got to pick a lovey toy from the box along with his other little classmates! All the puppies were so proud of the toy they chose! It was adorable! Quinn also got his first grooming and now he looks like a big boy! It was hard for me to leave him at the groomers because he held on to my neck just like a child when I tried to hand hm over to her. But he did a great job and is looking quite dapper now!

Kai's Birthday Party

All the lovely little ladies gathered for High Tea at The Gryphon Tea Room to celebrate Kai's 6th birthday! They all wore their fanciest dresses and they had a wonderful time together! The mommies had a great time sipping tea and chatting, as well! Thanks for a great party, Karla! Happy Birthday Kai Kai!

Quinn at 9 weeks old

Our puppy has added a lot of joy to our home. He is so adorable and we all just love him so much! With that being said, he is also a little devil. He staels stuff from all over the house and takes it to his "playground" which is a blanket he has in my room or the living room rug. Anytime we are missing something all we have to do is look in his playgrounds and there we will find it!